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Whether you are a complete beginner or have some experience of using computers, I am experienced and qualified to help you. You will receive step-by-step tuition in the comfort of your own home, on your own equipment and at your own pace.

As an experienced tutor I provide a personal tutoring service to adult beginners of all ages and I will be delighted to tailor your tuition exactly to your personal needs and ability - and I'll do my very best to make it fun!

You'll have your own specific requirements of course, and the subject of home computing is vast and varied, but some examples of topics that we can cover are:

            • The basics: let's demystify it all!
            • Emailing and Skyping
            • Internet researching, shopping and banking
            • Creating stylish letters and documents
            • Managing and editing digital photographs—and much, much more.

Perhaps you're looking for quick solutions to some frustrating problems, or maybe you want to start from the very basics and work your way up; either way I am happy to help. And rest assured, it's never too late to learn - I have clients who have started in their nineties!

My goal is to show you how your life can be enhanced by the purposeful activities you can perform on your computer and my method is patient and understanding tuition. Every lesson includes follow-up telephone or email support if required.

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